The literal and figurative interweaving of classic elements from different cultures

Sun, earth, water, air – the “Elements” collection stands for the fusion of a wide variety of elements and cultures. It bridges the gap between the past and present, between classic and modern times. Awe-inspiring natural phenomena meet traditional ethnic motifs, clouds clash with historic Inca patterns. Pompous, opulent and yet so subtle that people often only realise the gems they are looking at on second glance. Here not only different elements and cultures are combined with each other – the colour combinations are also extraordinary. Grey and turquoise, green and pink, blue and yellow – one-of-a-kind compositions that exude great overall balance and harmony. Select materials like hand-spun wool and costly silk round off the luxurious collection. The relief hand clipped with loving attention to detail gives the rugs a high-impact 3D look.


from 1495 EUR/m²

Colour Combinations

No available colour combinations.

Technical Specifications


11/11 quality

11/11 quality


Order to measure

Handcarded + handspun wool

Handspun natural silk

Extremely detailed design + hand carving


20 weeks
From stock: immediately. Made to order from: 24 weeks