An artistic play of lines to create unique and simple, yet attractive patterns.

Skilfully toying with lines – the “Artline” series has perfected this technique presenting unique patterns with impressive depth effect. Designs here go far beyond the classic, straight lines ranging from arrows and squares to abstract snakeskin looks. Captivating and fascinating: the special arrangement of lines produces three-dimensional effects that give the collection timeless modernity. A sophisticated oxidation process enhances the innovative 3D effect turning every rug into a highly rated one-off piece. Be it soft beige nuances or delicate blue and violet shades – colours discreetly fade into the background giving patterns the space they need to unfold their full potential. Hand-spun wool and highest quality silk make for a silky lustre while also ensuring a long life and embodying style and elegance. Uncompromising and durable.


1800 EUR/m²

Colour Combinations

No available colour combinations.

Technical Specifications


11/11 quality

9/9 quality


Order to measure

Natural handspun silk + wool oxidisation process


20 weeks
From stock: immediately. Made to order from: 24 weeks