Kashmir Blazed

Kashmir wool with bamboo silk in fashionable colors.

Classy, precious, and stunningly unique, the “Kashmir Blazed” series brings soft cashmere wool and sheer bamboo silk together to create a premium collection of beautifully-constructed rugs. Magnificent colours such as Apple Green, Fast Orange, and Pink or Sky Blue are featured with a particular radiance on these high-quality natural materials. Mixing these chromatic combinations with the elegance of traditional patterns offers appealing contrasts. The “Kashmir Blazed” line harmoniously merges worlds of antiquity and modernity into one extraordinary product, thus enabling these masterpieces to fit well in your classic and contemporary indoor settings. The powerful colors attract attention, while the discreet lustre — a result of the high-quality material composition — underpins the collection’s understated elegance.


950 EUR/m²

Colour Combinations

No available colour combinations.

Technical Specifications


11/11 quality

120.000 knots


Order to measure


20 weeks
From stock: immediately. Made to order from: 24 weeks