The collection is the result of matching a small technical weaving feature particular to Battilossi workshops in Pakistan with the vision of the designer Draga Obradovic, whose fabrics combine hand-printing and painting with the organic look and feel of vintage textiles. The ability to reflect the clarity and purity of Draga Obradovic’s original work is the result of the exquisite skill of the Lahore weaving studio and the extremely detailed finishing of each carpet. The physical texture of a handprinted cotton is recognisable to many but few can fully articulate it. Creating rugs that reflect the unique character of vintage textiles or upholstery is more about trying to capture the layers of meaning conveyed by the textures of a textile then simply creating a pattern. The fabrics created by Draga Obradovic’s atelier achieve her signature look and authenticity through layering cloth, pattern and colour; here they are translated into a pile carpet collection with its own signature style. Designed in Italy and handknotted in Lahore, Punjab.


From 914 EUR/m²

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