Designed i Italy, handknotted in Lahore, Punjab, Caleido Concept No.1 carpets represent the first step towards a style which is highly oriented to interior decoration professionals. Design loses its primary function towards an overall, cosy 'ensemble', composed by a random combination of dense repeated patterns, very difficult and innovative weaving techniques and a highly sophisticated colour palette. Battilossi goes against the flow of the market by creating a collection that embodies the anti-statement rug by excellence. The pattern is just an excuse to play with textures and colours, 27 combinations where all the elements talk to each other in a delicate dialogue within each individual rug and in combination one to another. A platform that has been conceived to allow the interior designer to play both weaving techniques and colours in any of the 3 designs. The colors of the Caleido palette offer infinite combinations starting once again from a very simple concept. Three colour tones (light, medium and dark) that are easily combined with each other in a harmonious complementarity. The definition of tone, in the case of Caleido, refers to the color of the background and the general perception of the carpet as a whole. The intention is always to obtain a bright and brilliant result, even in dark tones carpets


From 690 EUR/m²

Colour Combinations

No available colour combinations.

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