Abstract patterns produced in Nepal.

Detached from the nature and environment that surrounds us every day we immerse ourselves in a world where we can let our imagination roam. The “Abstract” rug series serves as a type of canvas here that mirrors our most intimate dreams and feelings. Colours, forms and textures – everything lies in the eyes of the beholder. At the same time, unexpected details such as unusual colour combinations make for exciting contrasts. Strong terracotta teams with soft grey, brilliant blue with discreet beige – borders blur. This abstract design presupposes ultimate craftsmanship which is why these rugs are made by experienced artisan weavers in Nepal and hail directly from the Himalayas. This is where they get their unique 3D looks that give the exquisite wovens in hand-spun silk and wool their special depth. This effect comes care of the sophisticated finish where all patterns and textures are hand clipped with loving attention to detail.


from 1020 EUR/m²

Colour Combinations

No available colour combinations.

Technical Specifications


11/11 quality



Order to measure

Handspun wool + Handspun natural silk

High low handcarving


20 weeks
From stock: immediately. Made to order from: 24 weeks