London Soaring Birds

For Oleg Klodt London presented the biggest challenge.

For Oleg Klodt London presented the biggest challenge. Being his favourite place on Earth it immediately inspired a multitude of ideas and they all seemed so good that it was hard to decide which one to focus on. But in the end Oleg decided to concentrate on Victorian buildings and the amazing parks which work in such harmony with the city’s architecture. London has the ideal combination of beautiful parks, flowers and plants intertwined with the urban environment. The main place of inspiration for the pattern was the Kew Gardens greenhouse. A beautiful combination of nature and architecture.


Colour Combinations

No available colour combinations.

Technical Specifications


11 x 11


Order to measure


Hand Carded + Hand Spun Wool

Hand spun natural silk

Detailed hand carving

From stock: immediately. Made to order from: 24 weeks